Arts events and opportunities to enrich the local communities in Test Valley

The Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF) is an independent charity which supports arts and culture in our local communities. Since 1991TVAF have invested over £1million in the arts in Test Valley and under the leadership of Yinnon Ezra MBE have developed an exciting project for the future – Test Valley Borough of Culture 2020.

Chair's Report

Our Chair, Yinnon Ezra, has now written his Annual Report for 2019/20. 


James worked with us on many occasions.
James was a talented Artist and writer. He was charming, soft spoken and completely genuine. He captivated the audiences he worked with and young people adored him. His passion was wild life, the natural world and the community of the Test Valley which came through in almost everything he did. He was a vital part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations where he went to numerous venues around the Test Valley, unpacked his materials and in a corner got to work. Slowly those who passed him were drawn into his magic! His beautiful owl sticks in my memory.
James is a huge loss to the Test Valley BUT his quiet charm and inspirational work will remain in our hearts. Thank you James for everything. Our thoughts and sincere condolences go to his family.

Supporting Artists

Already this year TVAF have made many awards to local artists and groups including Kaz Trinder’s Plastic Trees project, Romsey Chamber Music Festival, Andover Loft Singers workshop and Kate Jackson’s Romsey, The Movie.

We are continuing to make awards throughout the year so please download the application form and send with requested details.

What we do

We support artists in the community

TVAF set up Chapel Arts Studios in Andover ten years ago, under the guidance of David Dixon. In 2018 this acquired Arts Council NPO status to become an independent organistion. TVAF continues to support artists by putting on events where artists can engage with the public as well as offering grant funding to individual artists for specific projects. Click image to go to Chapel Arts Studio

We provide educational services

In 2018, TVAF supported and funded the Talk About Festival in Andover; this involved spoken word artist Cat Randle working with three local schools on a poetry project which was performed at The Lights in Andover. In 2019 we supported local playwright Roy Chatfield to put on a professional production of It Happened in Hampshire at over a dozen local schools and the Enham Trust as well as a public performance at The Lights.

We organise multiple art events

We provide arts events to help enrich the quality of life in Test Valley and also to raise awareness and enthusiasm for arts activities. TVAF also works in partnership with other organisations to deliver a variety of opportunities for creative experimentation, cultural experiences, creative expression, and arts education.

We champion the arts in the area

We speak up for culture and creativity and work to ensure that the value of the arts is widely recognised and supported.